Opus – helps you to create a dream team

The design is clever, timeless and will allow the family hours of fun

Toys for Boys

It’s rare that a thing of such beauty comes into our lives, and we should all pause for a moment of silence to appreciate it’

The Men’s Book

For the older, Black AMEX-carrying gentleman who still revels in a serious game of foos, we suggest the Opus

Homes and Interiors Scotland

Diamond adorned footballer’s wives the world over will be dropping their Gucci handbags in glee on discovering this, the perfect gift for their high earning hubbies.

T3 Magazine

This isn’t just a table; this is a sensational work of art and the fact that you can have your mates as the players makes it one of the finest things any man could possibly own.

Lusso Luxury Lifestyle

Fancy a Game?

The Opus is quite unlike anything you will have set your eyes on before and is a big boy’s dream come true.

Jumeira Beach

Can you Kick it?

Ditch the WAGs and say hello to football’s latest supermodel.

Robb Report Collection

Easily qualifies as one of the most extravagant foosball tables available