We've been making remarkable objects for generations. 

Our predecessors pioneered the introduction of steel castings in the north of England in the late 19th century, and we've been in the vanguard of metalwork technology ever since. And while we're still breaking ground with innovative mechanical solutions for multiple global business sectors including aerospace, space, and health care, we think it's time to have some fun.

That's where the Eleven Forty Company comes in, converting our industrial roots into luxury goods. With our two main customised products, Opus, the world's most stylish football table, and the exclusive Oro cufflink range, we play on our heritage of precision engineering and extraordinary craftsmanship, adding wit, originality, and flair. 

Forged over time, steeped in tradition, ahead of the curve. For us, combining form and function is a family affair. You can choose how to style it, we can make it. Better than anyone.

To own an Eleven Forty Co product is to possess something that is beautiful, luxurious and truly unique. Yes, it's a much overused word, but in our case it's entirely warranted. Each product can be customised to the buyer's own specification, resulting in a bespoke one-off object that you won't find anywhere else.